Magic Mushroom Capsules 6g's - LYT

Magic Mushroom Capsules 6g's - LYT

(30 count) 0.2 gel caps

Start your journey to heal the mind and soul! These microdosing caps are made with the highest quality magic mushrooms individually dosed for a consistent microdosing rhythm.

At smaller doses (microdose = 0.15g – 0.5g), you can expect to feel elevated in mood and have increased clarity. You will not “trip” at this dose. Many studies say microdosing can help with PTSD, depression, and addiction.

We suggest the Fadiman microdosing protocol:

Day 1: Dose Day – Take 1 or 2 pills. Set an intention for why you microdose. Clarity, happiness, creativity, reduce anxiety, etc.
Day 2: Off – Let the body digest the remaining magic. Take notes on what you think about and how you feel.
Day 3: Off – Sober day. Tolerance Break.
Repeat until you are satisfied with the results.

We like cycling every other month or taking it as a needed mood booster.

A microdose should feel very “light.” You should go about your daily tasks and possibly do them better, with more clarity when properly microdosing.

It's always recommended to start with just one capsule or piece for your first time.


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